Checkmate Atelier

Branding, Social Media
About This Project


  • Client Name: Checkmate Atelier
  • Industry: Fashion Clothing
  • Services Provided: Branding, Social Media Marketing, Creative Design, Revenue Growth

Background: Checkmate Atelier is a fashion clothing brand that specializes in creating stylish and high-quality apparel for men and women. While they had a strong product line, they faced challenges in brand recognition, online presence, and revenue growth. They sought the expertise of Brandcube, a digital marketing agency, to revamp their brand identity, improve their online visibility, and increase their revenue through strategic digital marketing efforts.

Challenges: Checkmate Atelier had several challenges:

  1. Weak Brand Identity: The brand lacked a strong and cohesive brand identity that resonated with its target audience.
  2. Limited Online Presence: The brand struggled with online visibility, limiting its reach and customer engagement.
  3. Stagnant Revenue: The brand’s revenue had plateaued, and they needed a strategy to drive sales growth.


1. Branding and Identity Transformation: Brandcube conducted an in-depth analysis of Checkmate Atelier’s brand, target audience, and competitors. They developed a comprehensive branding strategy that included a new brand logo, colour palette, and brand messaging. The new brand identity aimed to reflect the brand’s unique style and appeal to its audience.

2. Social Media Marketing: Brandcube created a social media marketing strategy to enhance Checkmate Atelier’s online presence. This strategy included:

  • Identifying the most relevant social media platforms for the fashion industry.
  • Developing a content calendar to ensure consistent and engaging posts.
  • Creating visually appealing and on-brand social media content.
  • Implementing targeted advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience.

3. Creative Design: Brandcube’s creative design team worked on redesigning the brand’s website and product catalogue. They also created visually striking ad creatives and email marketing campaigns to improve brand engagement and conversion rates.

4. Revenue Growth Strategy: Brandcube collaborated with Checkmate Atelier to develop a revenue growth strategy that involved optimizing the e-commerce platform, refining product listings, and implementing pricing strategies. Additionally, data-driven insights were used to target high-converting audiences through paid social media advertising.


The collaboration between Brandcube and Checkmate Atelier yielded impressive results:

  • Enhanced Brand Identity: The new brand identity was well-received by customers, leading to improved brand recognition and trust.
  • Online Visibility: Checkmate Atelier’s presence on social media platforms improved significantly, leading to higher engagement and a growing follower base.
  • Revenue Growth: Within six months of implementing the revenue growth strategy, Checkmate Atelier experienced a [specific percentage] increase in revenue.
  • Customer Engagement: The combination of visually appealing design, engaging content, and targeted advertising led to increased customer engagement and conversion rates.
  • Loyal Customer Base: The brand established a loyal customer base that continued to grow, with repeat customers accounting for a substantial portion of sales.


The partnership between Checkmate Atelier and Brandcube was instrumental in transforming the fashion clothing brand’s fortunes. Through a holistic approach involving branding, social media marketing, creative design, and revenue growth strategies, Brandcube effectively addressed the challenges faced by Checkmate Atelier. The results speak for themselves, with the brand experiencing significant growth in revenue and building a stronger and more recognizable brand identity in the fashion industry.

This case study illustrates how a collaborative effort between a digital marketing agency like Brandcube and a fashion brand like Checkmate Atelier can yield substantial benefits and drive success in the highly competitive world of e-commerce and fashion.